Boathouse by the Bridge

8x10 in oil on board
8×10 in oil on board

Do you ever get that ‘sinking feeling’? Whenever I take a bike ride across the old railway trestle along the local rail trail, I stop to admire the view of the river. From the high vantage point I can take in the larger view of the the water and the landscape which surrounds it. But, nestled in a corner near the base of the bridge is an old neglected boathouse, slipping slowly into the drink. It often appears, to me,just as I’ve tried to capture it in paint; resting undisturbed and ‘unperturbed’ in a quiet little bay. I’ve also seen photographers, ignoring the greater vista and focusing on this little, dilapidated boathouse by the bridge. What’s the attraction? For me, it’s certainly a bit of nostalgia for things past, but mostly the reflective quality of water and lush green foliage against the red rust of metal. Exercise for the eyes as well as the thighs!


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