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Sunny Waves

Sunny waves for Canada

The daily news is making me wonder about those Sunny Ways that our perpetually perky prime minister is promising for this country. Looking out the window with forecasts of more grey skies and storms is also less than uplifting. But hey, although the political climate may or may not improve, we know that winter will turn to spring and spring to summer and sunny waves will come again to the lake.
That’s why I painted this. Takin’ a trip without even leavin’ home. I’m listening to Huey Lewis (always a pick me up), turning up the thermostat and planning another summer trip on canvas.
If you are interested in purchasing this small 8×8 in. oil on canvas, this will be among others for sale at the Open Studio this spring. I’ll be posting dates once they have been decided.

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Strawberries; marching to the ‘jam session’ beat.

Strawberry Jam Session

One of the best things about summer is eating fresh strawberries. The season is so short and abundant that the best thing to do with extras is preserve them for the cold months ahead. It seems a shame to see all the beautiful shape and colour and natural goodness get mashed and drowned in sugar but hey, come winter, it won’t seem so bad. Here they are, marching up to sacrifice themselves for our snacking  pleasure .  They look happy, don’t you think?