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Early Spring: Ridge Ice at MacGregor Park

Finishing touches just completed and now there is only the hanging wire to attach. The first cold virus of the year has hit and is managing to slow me down. Consequently, I am really happy to have started this when I did. The edges of the 3/4″sides of canvas show some of the finger marks and brush work.
Personally, I like to see evidence of paint covered fingers and active brushwork left by someone completely involved with creating something and blissfully unaware of anything outside of making marks and colouring stuff (IMHO). If I were Leonarda da Vinci this would make my work sooo…much more valuable. Since I am not (sigh), cleaning up the edges will be the final step….if there is time before drop-off on Thursday.

I am certain that the expected crowd of several thousand visitors will be very intent on the visual feast presented in these specially chosen homes; including everything from Christmas decor to the actual room design and layouts.  Visitors may not be as focused on purchasing paintings so if I pick it up again on Saturday evening this piece will find a good home on my wall (until the next show). This is an image that I have wanted to paint for awhile and as is often the case, an event like this is just the motivation I need to put a few more miles on the paintbrush.

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The Pony Profile

8×8 in oil on board



Just couldn’t resist stopping to visit with this handsome little pony behind a wire fence by the roadside. It was a beautiful spring day and I believe we shared the same feeling of being ‘let outta’ the barn after a long, dark, cold spell. A little shy at being petted by a stranger, the pony gave me this lovely profile instead.



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Country Rows Lead Me Home

IMG_3390 copy

While waiting for spring to finally arrive, I’ve been taking some time to work on my family tree. It’s given me occasion to travel by car and in my mind to the rural roots of my mother’s side of the family.
Partially snow covered corn rows, fields and old homesteads wait for the cycle of a new generation of life to grow up from the roots and soil planted in hope of a good future. This little memory painting is the result of those images that form my roots.

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Spring in Winter, Chatten’s Creek

8x10, oil on board, Chatten's Creek
8×10, oil on board, Emily Tract

It’s been a long winter but there’s hope. I like to walk at a local tract of forest near  where I live. It’s my habit to stop for a moment at Chatten’s Creek as it reminds me that spring is always just beneath the surface–even this winter! It’s spring fed and never freezes over. It’s such a great metaphor at the end of a long, cold season that I just had to paint it.