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Sunny Waves

Sunny waves for Canada

The daily news is making me wonder about those Sunny Ways that our perpetually perky prime minister is promising for this country. Looking out the window with forecasts of more grey skies and storms is also less than uplifting. But hey, although the political climate may or may not improve, we know that winter will turn to spring and spring to summer and sunny waves will come again to the lake.
That’s why I painted this. Takin’ a trip without even leavin’ home. I’m listening to Huey Lewis (always a pick me up), turning up the thermostat and planning another summer trip on canvas.
If you are interested in purchasing this small 8×8 in. oil on canvas, this will be among others for sale at the Open Studio this spring. I’ll be posting dates once they have been decided.

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Early Spring: Ridge Ice at MacGregor Park

Finishing touches just completed and now there is only the hanging wire to attach. The first cold virus of the year has hit and is managing to slow me down. Consequently, I am really happy to have started this when I did. The edges of the 3/4″sides of canvas show some of the finger marks and brush work.
Personally, I like to see evidence of paint covered fingers and active brushwork left by someone completely involved with creating something and blissfully unaware of anything outside of making marks and colouring stuff (IMHO). If I were Leonarda da Vinci this would make my work sooo…much more valuable. Since I am not (sigh), cleaning up the edges will be the final step….if there is time before drop-off on Thursday.

I am certain that the expected crowd of several thousand visitors will be very intent on the visual feast presented in these specially chosen homes; including everything from Christmas decor to the actual room design and layouts.  Visitors may not be as focused on purchasing paintings so if I pick it up again on Saturday evening this piece will find a good home on my wall (until the next show). This is an image that I have wanted to paint for awhile and as is often the case, an event like this is just the motivation I need to put a few more miles on the paintbrush.

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Christmas House Tour

I am barely down to the last of the leftover Hallowe’en candy and already the Christmas events are being advertised. One of the popular annual happenings in this area is the sponsored tour of selected homes. I have never gone on one of these journeys but this year I will be participating in the decoration of one of them. Shoreline Artists Group, of which I am a member, have been given the a last minute opportunity to submit artwork for one of the Dennison builder homes on the tour. The designers will select the appropriate ones for the decor. I am working feverishly to finish a canvas for this. I have included a bit of the process thus far.

I select a photo with some elements that I wanted to record during a winter walk at a local provincial park: ridge ice, birch trees, cool colours against warm.

After cropping and sketching a few different compositions, I choose one to put on the canvas with vine charcoal.

24×30 oil on canvas

The painting thus far. I have stopped at this stage to allow the ‘white’ paint to oxidize for a few days. This may not be ready for the deadline of November 17th but fingers crossed…! After this I will finish adding details of ground foliage and tree trunks and post the final result.

Still Life

La Poire

la poire, oil painting
24in x 36 in, oil on canvas pear

So, I’m told a ‘change is as good as a rest’, and this is definitely a change from painting small. The canvas is 24in x 36in (don’t know what that is in metric offhand) but it makes a great space filler in my kitchen. I painted it quickly and altho’ the photo has intensified the blues (my camera seems to do this a lot), I like it.
I will make the small adjustments before I put it up for sale at the studio tour this summer but in the meantime, it is a great ‘decorator’ piece and I am going to enjoy it. I have a true affinity for pears; eating them and painting them. The colours on this little specimen were so luscious that I had to paint it quickly before I devoured it. Mmmmm…mmmm..tasted as good as it looked.