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Going Bananas in the Eye of the Storm

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As the title suggests, RV living has reached an uncomfortable quiet zone. The time of rushing around and making decisions has finished and the waiting has begun. Waiting for the house to be move-in ready and then the back half of the storm–the storm cloud containing the belongings from ┬ámy former life and the physical challenges of moving.

On a more literal level, we watched, waited and prayed while Hurricane Nicole targeted Bermuda and climbed to Category 4 before slamming into the island, at a reduced level 3. Not much difference between them we learned. I learned a great deal about the blessed geography of this island, with its high cliffs and natural reefs. We took comfort in the strong infrastructure of their buildings and their level of preparedness but nothing can take away the fear of knowing that a loved one (in this case our son) is beneath that swirling mass of unrelenting wind. So thankful to finally hear he was ok, I responded with this gouache piece in my journal…therapy for me and a record of waiting and watching.


Gone Sketching

IMG_3821 copy

2015 is drawing to a close and with the advent of a new year there will be a few changes in your lives I’m guessing and most definitely in mine. This post will be the last one for this year 2015 but it also indicates an artistic change of direction for the upcoming year. Over the next couple of months, the links from the images to the online site Daily Paintworks will disappear. I may be starting a new account elsewhere but for now I am taking a hiatus from online sales.

I will be making art, of course, but am more interested in returning to my roots as a biologist and reviving my passion for field sketching in particular. It’s a passion from a time when I worked as park naturalist and my roommate for the summer was an artist who helped me see the joy in capturing and illustrating the observations I was making through sketching. Painting and sketching have been a constant in my life and so this is not a departure but rather just a re-emphasis.

I recommend it highly to anyone who would like to connect with ‘the creation’ through the ‘creation’ of sketches and illustrations of your own part of the planet. Maybe I’ll see you in the field with binoculars, camera, and sketch pad.