Artists’ Collective Show

2 small pieces on the right.

Outside, the weather was cold and the wind was bitter. Inside the view was paradise. This picture doesn’t do justice to the beautiful presentation of work completed by our talented and skilled group of women, comprising the Artists’ Collective, who shared this space. We have plans to repeat this event next year at the end of our 6 month tenure in the historic Southampton Art School building. We have ordered better weather for next April!

100 Days Nature

Herring Gull Study

Herring gull on  6×8 in canvas. I took a break from landscape and tried some alla prima on canvas taped to a support. Gulls are not very popular with a lot of people. Anyway…I can’t seem to stop admiring them and being inspired by the challenge of modelling soft white and grey against black. This is not a scientific illustration (the camera has done some weird things with the shadow colour above the belly which I kinda like) but sure was a great way to spend an afternoon. One more for the 100 days project which I started several hundred days ago…

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Serenity Reflected


Algonquin Gull
Gull Study


This was painted from a picture taken last fall in Algonquin Park. For the longest time, I sat and watched as this large herring gull and it’s ‘double’ floated serenely across the scene like a living statue. An instant later it unfolded it’s powerful wings and gracefully lifted off into a cloudless sky. Barely any splash. Great moment. Had to paint it. Still makes me smile.