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Osprey Angst 2

IMG_3763 copy

Here is the osprey, painted from the sketch done yesterday (Osprey Angst). Always amazes me what a bit of umber, white and blue can do when arranged the right way. Oh, yes and a tad of yellow for that piercing stare. Something about my past addiction to ‘Angry Birds’ is lingering on I feel…. (oil paint, 8×8 in on gessoed board)



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The Pony Profile

8×8 in oil on board



Just couldn’t resist stopping to visit with this handsome little pony behind a wire fence by the roadside. It was a beautiful spring day and I believe we shared the same feeling of being ‘let outta’ the barn after a long, dark, cold spell. A little shy at being petted by a stranger, the pony gave me this lovely profile instead.



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Gulliver Travels

8x10 alla prima oil on board
Gulliver Travels Downtown, 8×10 oil on board



We saw and heard this musician playing on the street in Vancouver. Even this bird caught the rhythm and had to try out a few fancy steps.


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Crow on Snow

Crow on Snow

  This  is crow number two. I liked the graceful turn of the head and the quizzical look. It seems we are the ones being sized up!