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Sunny Waves

Sunny waves for Canada

The daily news is making me wonder about those Sunny Ways that our perpetually perky prime minister is promising for this country. Looking out the window with forecasts of more grey skies and storms is also less than uplifting. But hey, although the political climate may or may not improve, we know that winter will turn to spring and spring to summer and sunny waves will come again to the lake.
That’s why I painted this. Takin’ a trip without even leavin’ home. I’m listening to Huey Lewis (always a pick me up), turning up the thermostat and planning another summer trip on canvas.
If you are interested in purchasing this small 8×8 in. oil on canvas, this will be among others for sale at the Open Studio this spring. I’ll be posting dates once they have been decided.

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Osprey Angst 2

IMG_3763 copy

Here is the osprey, painted from the sketch done yesterday (Osprey Angst). Always amazes me what a bit of umber, white and blue can do when arranged the right way. Oh, yes and a tad of yellow for that piercing stare. Something about my past addiction to ‘Angry Birds’ is lingering on I feel…. (oil paint, 8×8 in on gessoed board)




Storybook Stump



What caught my attention, while out for a walk one day, was the warm glow on the inside of this old stump. In the background, you can see a tree still living and, for me at least, not half as interesting. I know that the glow had to do with reflected light but I imagined it more as  a storybook hall for the forest sprites, will-o-wisps or what have you to gather, feast and frolic after midnight. Somebody must have left the lights on.



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Alla prima moka pot and cups

Moka pot and cups
Today, I painted in the spirit of the language that gave us the phrase, ‘Alla Prima’. I chose the little moka pot that we brought home from Italy a few years ago. With a nod to traditional painting, with umbers, alizarin and black and white pigments, this little picture of a moka pot and cups pays homage to the tradition of taking time to prepare and savor the whole experience as well as the result. All I need now is some biscotti.