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Gull Study


An onshore breeze is creating a playground for the gulls. Normally all sitting facing into the wind, they have left the beach to soar, circle and dive. They are graceful in flight and mesmerising to watch. These are any gulls on any beach anywhere and gave me the perfect chance to sit and stare and be amazed.

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Sentry at the post


IMG_3216_webIf you’ve ever been to Granville Island or any waterfront anywhere, you will have been seen ¬†gulls. They are usually very active; either swooping over the heads of visitors or at the feet of the same visitors in a swarm of webbed toes, feathers and beaks, gobbling and running randomly. This one stood out in the crowd, sitting motionless and a little detached in front of the warehouse door. The marks on the post suggested to me that this bird was showing up to its’ regular spot to keep watch, at least for a few minutes!