What a Llark

6×8 oil on cradled panel, The Llark in Southampton Harbour

The Saugeen Nation has exclusive rites to commercial fishing. This boat, The LLark is sitting at the mouth of the Saugeen River, heading towards the lake and waiting for tomorrow’s trip to catch Lake Huron whitefish. The white settlers nearly depleted the stocks and so now the indigenous people have happily regained the control of management of this tasty fish.

100 Days Nature

Herring Gull Study

Herring gull on  6×8 in canvas. I took a break from landscape and tried some alla prima on canvas taped to a support. Gulls are not very popular with a lot of people. Anyway…I can’t seem to stop admiring them and being inspired by the challenge of modelling soft white and grey against black. This is not a scientific illustration (the camera has done some weird things with the shadow colour above the belly which I kinda like) but sure was a great way to spend an afternoon. One more for the 100 days project which I started several hundred days ago…