Profile of a Bird

The summer has been wet and rainy but the wildlife has been abundant our where we are. Bird watching in my own backyard has been rich with opportunity. So when this funky bird came to visit one morning this week I couldn’t wait to paint him. I mean how great is that cap he wears or should I say ‘ pilea ‘. The look is part vulture and part dinosaur and when that mouth opens to call, the urge to duck (no pun intended) is overwhelming. Sounds like a crazy cartoon that we used to watch as kids; remember Woody the Woodpecker!  Anyway, Woody didn’t hang around and I’m glad because these birds are always hunting down dying, rotting trees. They feast on the bugs and such that enjoy that habitat.

I think he looks rather regal in profile. So, anyone out there have any catchy title or caption for this, just make a comment I’d love to hear your ideas!

bird study
Dryocopus pileatus, Pileated Woodpecker

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