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Gull Study


An onshore breeze is creating a playground for the gulls. Normally all sitting facing into the wind, they have left the beach to soar, circle and dive. They are graceful in flight and mesmerising to watch. These are any gulls on any beach anywhere and gave me the perfect chance to sit and stare and be amazed.

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A Time of Change

I have moved! Now living near Lake Huron on the west side of Ontario.

The paintbrush is still putting on miles! 🙂

More info to come on some wonderful paint experiences.

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Osprey on Guard

IMG_3779 copy

Mother osprey is on guard against the interloper who has dared to enter the safety zone at the base of the platform of sticks and branches, sitting atop the telephone pole. She cries out a warning and flattens herself over the precious young osprey beneath her. The painting took 3 hours but the observation and sketches required more time and hey, who’s counting? I loved every minute of learning more about these beautiful birds. I might just be getting warmed up!
8×10 inches, limited palette of oil on gessoboard.



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Osprey Angst 2

IMG_3763 copy

Here is the osprey, painted from the sketch done yesterday (Osprey Angst). Always amazes me what a bit of umber, white and blue can do when arranged the right way. Oh, yes and a tad of yellow for that piercing stare. Something about my past addiction to ‘Angry Birds’ is lingering on I feel…. (oil paint, 8×8 in on gessoed board)