Ridge Ice on Memory Lane, Walkerton

Ridge Ice MacGregor Park, accepted into Walkerton Juried Show, Opening April 17,2018

The picture taken in this post, by my husband, shows the recent painting of Ridge Ice at MacGregor hanging in the Walkerton Library. It was accepted from the works of 46 artists and about 110 works to be shown. Forty-six were not accepted. The categories judged were divided by media and this one was part of the oil and acrylic paintings section. Of the three jurors, one was my former high school art teacher, Paul Drysdale. I didn’t know that he was a judge at the time but this made it all the more special.
I have not entered shows for awhile although I have been accepted,won awards and sold at some very respectable events. Being back in Bruce County after all these decades has had its’ moments of real nostalgia. That was my sole motivation. It gave me a chance to go down memory lane, see the works of other artists, and nibble on a delicious cookie all at the same time.
The show is on until May 5th, during regular library hours. Prizes have been awarded but ballots for the People’s Choice award are available until May 5th.

Please Note: Camera perspective has skewed the horizon line on the painting. It is my policy to be sober while I work….

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