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Something old, something new.

10th annual Christmas Home Tour
entry for Christmas Home Tour
Dennison Home, Christmas Tour
November 16 & 17, 2018
come to Saugeen Shores ,

I am getting ready for the upcoming Tour of Homes and am submitting some new pieces and some older ones for the requested themes made by the designer Kaitlyn Shuler. I easily found some winter scenes and added a new one. It seems I like painting snow and trees and grey blue skies. It was a rare day that I found sunshine at Elsinore for the painting of the gorgeous late summer foliage. I took color notes between clouds. Plein air is always more enjoyable in the company of others and the memory of being there is forever connected to the companions of the day. A bonus for all of us who love the scenery here in Grey-Bruce.
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Still Life

La Poire

la poire, oil painting
24in x 36 in, oil on canvas pear

So, I’m told a ‘change is as good as a rest’, and this is definitely a change from painting small. The canvas is 24in x 36in (don’t know what that is in metric offhand) but it makes a great space filler in my kitchen. I painted it quickly and altho’ the photo has intensified the blues (my camera seems to do this a lot), I like it.
I will make the small adjustments before I put it up for sale at the studio tour this summer but in the meantime, it is a great ‘decorator’ piece and I am going to enjoy it. I have a true affinity for pears; eating them and painting them. The colours on this little specimen were so luscious that I had to paint it quickly before I devoured it. Mmmmm…mmmm..tasted as good as it looked.

100 Days Still Life

Pomegranate and Tea Towel

IMG_3802 copy

It’s still wet but it think it’s finished. The tea towel was just ‘hangin’ around so I grabbed it and added it to my little cardboard still life box. I really like the lines and how they move the eye through the painting. The pomegranate would be a bit of a red bulls eye otherwise! The nice thing about alla prima is that you can have a time limit on the work. Otherwise, I have been known to spend months on a piece. Think I’ll do a few more pomegranate paintings before Christmas–not for gifts–no… ‘just because’.

100 Days Still Life

Pomegranate sketch


Pomegranates are in the stores and so before I eat this delicious Christmas treat, I have to draw it. The red colour of the pomegranate is so beautiful and shape feels so good in my hand. It’s begging to be painted.   (charcoal on cartridge paper)