Still Life

La Poire

la poire, oil painting
24in x 36 in, oil on canvas pear

So, I’m told a ‘change is as good as a rest’, and this is definitely a change from painting small. The canvas is 24in x 36in (don’t know what that is in metric offhand) but it makes a great space filler in my kitchen. I painted it quickly and altho’ the photo has intensified the blues (my camera seems to do this a lot), I like it.
I will make the small adjustments before I put it up for sale at the studio tour this summer but in the meantime, it is a great ‘decorator’ piece and I am going to enjoy it. I have a true affinity for pears; eating them and painting them. The colours on this little specimen were so luscious that I had to paint it quickly before I devoured it. Mmmmm…mmmm..tasted as good as it looked.

100 Days Birds Nature

Kingfisher Study

Another study.I watched a pair of these birds almost every day this past summer.They flew between two trees above the Saugeen River and announced their arrival twice a day with a loud, rattling call. Always successful at fishing, they seemed very businesslike, more like organized shoppers than hunters. I took pictures but never caught the detail necessary–needing a better lens than what I have I suppose. So, bird books out and perusing terrific birding sites has me trying to understand the feather patterns, colours and just plain attitude of these feisty little dudes. Seems only fitting to dust off the watercolour media for these water ‘kings’.

(watermedia on toned paper)

100 Days Nature

Herring Gull Study

Herring gull on  6×8 in canvas. I took a break from landscape and tried some alla prima on canvas taped to a support. Gulls are not very popular with a lot of people. Anyway…I can’t seem to stop admiring them and being inspired by the challenge of modelling soft white and grey against black. This is not a scientific illustration (the camera has done some weird things with the shadow colour above the belly which I kinda like) but sure was a great way to spend an afternoon. One more for the 100 days project which I started several hundred days ago…

100 Days Landscapes Nature

It’s not easy painting green…

cedar, study, greens, tree
study of old, open grown cedar tree on a grey day in Grey-Bruce


Kermit the Frog found being green to be a challenge and landscape painters have often complained about the colour as well. I am joining the chorus these days as my interest in landscape painting is taking me into this ‘jungle’ of verdant hues. Tucked away in my studio with the window providing a nicely framed view of the backyard, I’ve been practicing. Cedar trees are plentiful here and are challenging to represent, convincingly. Seeing green spots before my eyes from all this makes me wish for sunlight and the man-made hues of last summer!

figures, fishing, goin' slow, lighthouse sign
Two figures fishing and taking the sign, “Dead Slow” to heart.


study, mixing, landscape, greens
study, mixing landscape greens
Saugeen River study on Arches oil paper
study on Arches oil paper of Saugeen River