Another Osprey Sketch


I love charcoal and I love these birds so….here’s another charcoal sketch of the osprey, nesting this past summer, ¬†at the end of our road. She was angry and screeching. I just know that she was saying something like, “Who goes there? Get losssstttttt!” She was flattened right down over the eggs underneath her and not prepared to fly and divert the predator (me). I will paint this one next I think, so have spent the afternoon sketching her and trying to compose and choose from different images of her in flight, arriving and leaving the nest, etc…

As I type this, I see that it’s a wet, chilly, November day and I haven’t even noticed until just now. So, hey, if you can’t take time to smell the roses in your busy life, may I suggest you try sketching them instead. It makes the rain go away.

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